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Rencontrer Citroën C6 2013


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Rencontrer Citroën C6 2013

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For more information, send an email to:

Amicale Internationale Citroën C6
Citroën C6 Genootschap

An Introduction to NORWAY
“Fjords, Mountains, Coastline”

2nd International Meeting for Citroën C6
6 – 10 JUNE 2013

Announcement & Invitation

Due to the great experience in June 2012 at the first International meeting for Citroën C6, Norwegian drivers indicated to be willing to organize the second meeting in 2013 in their homeland.
Now it is time to present more details and to invite to subscribe.


Welcome and Registration from 11.00 on Thursday June 6th, at
Ekebergrestauranten, Kongsveien 15, 0193 Oslo, tlf. 23242300.​.
Lunch will be served at 12.00.
This restaurant has a great view over the harbour and new operahouse.

Leaving Oslo it will be a 4-hour drive (250 kms) to Dalen. Somewhere along the road we will visit at a stave church. The last kilometres are descending 400 metres steep down to Dalen hotel in Dalen, Telemark; this is a big dragon style wooden building, over 100 years old.

Friday June 7th, being Day 2, will bring us over the mountains towards Stavanger.
Lunch is to be expected at restaurant Øygardstøl, an eagle’s nest on the cliff before descending about 650 metres in 7 km down to Lysebotn.
There will be a 2:45 hour ferry ride over Lysefjord.
The end of the day will find us at Sola Strand Hotel, near Stavanger.

Saturday June 8th, which is Day 3, will be spent in the Stavanger area.
We will visit Utstein Kloster, Norway`s only preserved monastery of the medieval ages. On our way there, we will drive through 2 underwater tunnels, taking us down to 223 metres below sea-level.
Lunch on Saturday is planned at a charming seaside restaurant outside Stavanger.
In addition to a planned stop at the museum dedicated to the oil industry, there will also be possibilities to roam around on one`s own in the picturesque old parts of the town.
For those who are interested, we have planned a visit to a local car museum before returning to the hotel for dinner.

Sunday June 9th, at Day 4, we are going to cross over to the East Coast again.
We will follow the coastline, and experience how the scenery gradually changes its characteristics from white beaches to coastal rocks the further south we get.
Lunch this day will be a surprise, held at an exotic location.
On the road we intend to visit a cannon-museum outside Kristiansand, showing the 2nd largest cannon ever built on land.

Final stop will be the charming town of Lillesand at Hotel NORGE Lillesand.

After breakfast on Monday 10th it definitely is time to go home or continue exploring Norway on own schedule. Oslo as well as the Denmark ferries from Kristiansand/Larvik/Langesund,​ can easily be reached from Lillesand.
If one has opportunities to prolong this stay in Norway, our Norwegian friends are more than willing to advise you on exploring their spectacular country.


General conditions.
This document has no contractual implications.
Subscription implies refraining from claiming on the organisation and/or the organisers regarding whatsoever.
The organisation is allowed to make program changes where and when needed.

Registration fee.
This fee will cover the costs for the organisation as well as some entrances to museums, churches etc.

Alternative facilities for lunches during the daytrips will hardly be found in the countryside. Therefore lunches will be organised and booked in advance through the organisation. On June 8th, an organized lunch is also offered, for those who would like to join. The alternative would be going to the city centre to find one`s own choice.

Limitation of participants.
The event will be held for 10 (min) to 25(max) Equipes/Cars.

Registration procedure
Registration can be done ONLY by sending-in the completed form to email:, with CC to contact@citroenc6-genootschap.​nl, Personal data and details about the car are needed. As well as indication of the elements of the program that will be attended.
After reception of the full amount due in NOK into the designated banking account, the EQUIPE-NUMBER will be given.
Participants need to make reservations themselves for the rooms at the distinct hotels.
In the bookings at the hotels this Equipe-Number has to be mentioned.
The hotels do need credit card details for finalising the reservations.

Booking for the lunches and dinners are being done by filling out the Registration Form.
Lunches should be paid to the organisation, while dinners will be paid directly to the hotels.
Restrictions on food are to be specified on the Registration Form.
Due to the individual registration at the hotels, participants may choose for alternative hotel or room facilities.
Partial subscription to the program is possible, although the organisation hopes everybody will join the full ride.

The organisation denies all responsibility for availability and type of accommodation.
The hotels set their contract prices for rooms for a limited amount and type of rooms.
With additional payment superior accommodation may be obtained.
Granting the contractual rooms is made according the sequence of contacting the hotel.

Final term for registration
Registration is final as soon as payment to the organisation has been booked into the designated account. Registration has to be completed before MARCH 20th 2013
Cancellation free of costs can be done before this date. Later cancellation only brings restitution in so far as third parties do refund the organisation.

Registration fee to be paid to the organisation
Due per person
Registration and entrance fees NOK. 900, =
Lunch June 6th Oslo: NOK. 250, =
Lunch June 7th NOK. 250, =
Ferry June 7th (car + driver ) NOK. 420, =
Ferry June 7th (additional person) NOK. 185, =
Lunch June 8th. NOK. 250, =
Lunch June 9th NOK. 250, =

These payments are to be received before March 20th 2013
All Banking costs are to be paid by participants.
For the banking account number see the Registration Form

To be paid to the hotels at checking/out (guarantee by credit card)

6-7 June 2013
Dalen Hotel, 3880 Dalen i Telemark Tlf + 47 35 07 90 00 E-mail:
Halfpension, -no drinks- twin occ. pp. NOK 1.700,-
As above, with aperitif, wine and coffee pp. NOK 1.995,-
Booking by email:;

7 – 9 June 2013
SOLA Strand Hotel, Axel Lunds veg 27, 4050 Sola, Norway; Phone: (+47) 51 94 30 00 E-mail:;
Diner no wine pp NOK 520, - per diner
Wine package pp NOK 265, - per diner
Hotel room condition double occupancy pp. NOK 695, - per night
Hotel room single pp NOK 1.195, - per night
Booking:​ [...] omo=CIT13;
Cancellation conditions: within 24hrs. no refund

9 –10 June 2013
Lillesand Hotel NORGE Strandgaten 3 - N-4790 Lillesand Phone: +47 37 27 01 44 E-post:
Diner no wine pp NOK 390, - per diner
Wine package pp NOK 215, - per diner
Hotel room condition double occupancy pp NOK 745, - per night
Hotel room single pp NOK 990, - per night
Booking:​ [...] omo=CIT13;

Information on Ferry lines: (indicated prices Dec. 2012)
Kiel – Oslo 20:00 hr ColorLine €329 oneway car + 2 pass +cabin
Frederikshavn – Oslo 8:30 hr StenaLine € 50 oneway car+2 pass
Hirtshals - Kristiansand 2:15 hr FjordLine € 60 oneway car+2 pass
Hirtshals – Kristiansand 3:15 hr ColorLine € 80 oneway car+2 pass
Hirtshals – Langesund 5:30 hr FjordLine € 45 oneway car+2 pass
Hirtshals – Larvik 3:45 hr ColorLine € 85 oneway car+2 pass
Harwich – Esbjerg 17:15hr DFDS GBP 94 oneway car+2 pass

For participants arriving Oslo earlier than June 6th, or wanting to extend their stay in Oslo afterwards, an offer has been collected from Quality Hotel Mastemyr. It is located 16 minutes’ drive from the city centre, and has free parking.
https://www.nordicchoicehotels​ [...] -Mastemyr/
The capacity for hotels in Oslo days before our meeting, might be short due to a major event; hence the price will be NOK 1.440,- for a twin room. Early booking is advised.
From June 10th however, the price will be NOK 1.240,-.
Booking can be done by email;; by referring to “Citroën”.

Ingolf Roth Fischer tel. +47 928 92 348 email:;
Eric Bruinsma tel. +31 180614664 email: contact@citroenc6genootschap.n​l;

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